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International Business Management, over a decade ago expanded the range of its activities and together with its partners begun working in the non-ferrous mining industry.

With time, the activities developed leading to new direct investment and preparation of projects globally.​

Currently we have experience working in:

  • Central Asia 

  • South - East - Pacific

  • Africa

  • Europe

Our goal is to invest in projects that not only provide return on capital investment, but are environmentally aware and socially responsible, no matter the size or term of investment.​​​

What we look for?

We are always looking for potential investment opportunities. 

Our interest are in:

  • Operating existing mines

  •  New Base Metal mine;

    • Copper,

    • Cobalt,

    • Nickel and other metals.

  • ​​​Rare-Earth Metals​​​

  • Prestigious materials

  • Energy Resources